TrainingJoel Smith

Comments from seminar attendees: 

"The instructor was very energetic, thorough, informative and engaging in both workshops.  The staff was actively involved and totally empowered with mr smith.  All the material can be used in the classroom and by other support staff."


"Very relevant to the classroom, excellent strategies that can be used in the classroom, great stories, energetic speaker (kept audience actively engaged), great suggestions for classroom management, great discussions, i really enjoyed the workshop."

"Mr. Smith did a great  job stressing some important issues…well received…enjoyed the variety of ideas shared throughout the workshop…mr smith was humorous and i enjoyed his presentation"

"I am very excited to try and implement some strategies that were shared today…awesome: did a great job engaging and keeping me engaged… i feel well informed"


"Awesome training"

"Good interaction with audience…totally relevant"

"Great speaker…very passionate about students and performance"

"Rigor, relevance & relationships"

"Well organized with key points that would be learned…all of the example provided were relevant and applicable…the material was thorough and the group activity was refreshing…he was enthusiastic and had high energy while he presented…he clearly understands and can articulate the subject matter…he stayed on topic and we learned about classroom management…everything went hand in hand with each other…i feel more prepared to teach in the fall"

"Joel was great…i could really relate"

"Very informative…excellent strategies…very informative…he is a great speaker and knows his stuff…he is the best one yet…lots of research based in was given…plenty of strategies were given that can be used in the classroom…high level of energy, very entertaining"

"I am taking away so much.  Thank you so much for your great presentation"

"It was refreshing and encouraging to hear my thoughts and beliefs being so strongly encouraged.  What you are presenting is so much of what needs to be…thank you"


All of these experiences are customized and adaptable to the needs identified by the client. 

They are designed to be presented in the universal, targeted or intensive mode, meaning that they can be adapted for basic exposure, more targeted tools for addressing specific needs, or intensive services to address critical situations. The depth of the experience, length of the session, or number of sessions will be tailored to the identified interest or need of the client.



It's Always the Right Time to do the Right Thing-Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.