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Committed to offering the highest quality professional development experience for your organization. 

Our material is presented in a variety of modalities (such as: lecture, small group activities and individual reflection), addressing individual learner styles.  We include solid information, data, source material, learner engagement and a healthy dose of passion, commitment and humor.  Included in our professional development catalogue are:

bullet  Classroom Management Strategies

bullet  Addressing School-Wide Culture

bullet The Impact Of Social Class On Educational Opportunity & Attainment

bullet Creation Of A Response To Intervention (RTI) Model

bullet Middle School Survival

bullet Adolescent Development and the Culture of Learning

bullet Project Management

bullet Creating A Climate For Positive Change

bullet Dealing With Parents

bullet Strategies For Enhancing Teaching & Learning

bullet Behavior Management

bullet Leadership Skill Development

bullet Addressing the Needs of Fragile Citizens: Foster Care, Juvenile Justice,
and Special Needs Populations.

bullet Educational Reformation

bullet Models for Change and Goal Attainment

All of these experiences are customized and adaptable to the needs identified by the client. 

They are designed to be presented in the universal, targeted or intensive mode, meaning that they can be adapted for basic exposure, more targeted tools for addressing specific needs, or intensive services to address critical situations. The depth of the experience, length of the session, or number of sessions will be tailored to the identified interest or need of the client.



It's Always the Right Time to do the Right Thing-Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.