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During Joel’s tenure with Broward County Public Schools, he became the Region VII Director of the Florida League of Middle Schools (directly affiliated with the National Middle School Association).  In this capacity, he annually facilitated the largest single day professional development conference for middle level educators in Florida.  The event provided, at absolutely no cost to the school district, the highest level of professional development to approximately 1,000 educators each year.  It generated so much excitement that Joel was able to support bringing in keynote speakers who are closely associated with national events. 

They included: Dr. Paul George, Professor Emeritus, University of Florida (considered one of the founders of the middle school concept), Jack Berckemeyer, former Assistant Director, National Middle School Association (, Dr. William McBride, distinguished author and lecturer (, Dr. Janet Allen, distinguished author and lecturer (, Dr. Debbie Silver , distinguished author and lecturer (, and Dr. Monte Selby, distinguished author, lecturer, singer, and song writer

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